With the help of the startup Necto, anyone can become an Internet provider for $ 25,000

Recently, a new startup Necto started operating in San Francisco, which immediately attracted more than $ 1.5 million in investments. This organization is engaged in the creation of systems for accessing the Internet "last mile". This is the name of the conditional section between the backbone fiber and specific workstations - a convenient place to take control of it and earn money as an intermediary by providing Internet access services.

The news is that now such a business can be launched on very democratic conditions, which makes it attractive for people far from the IT sphere. The price of the starter package from Necto is only $ 25 thousand, which includes network design, infrastructure installation, configuration and initial maintenance. A potential businessman can only find clients - experts see behind this a brewing revolution in how people will get access to the Internet.

25 thousand dollars is a feasible investment for the owner of an office building or supermarket, which overnight turns into a full-fledged Internet provider. And it can set its own terms of access to the Network, competing with a neighboring business center. As a result, many new players may emerge who share the “last mile” market among themselves, which generates healthy competition and even a new type of infrastructure.

Only, unlike homebrew providers and free Wi-Fi in cafes, here we are talking about professionally implemented broadband Internet access. As an example, Necto launched its own network that provides unlimited wireless Internet access at speeds up to 50 Mb / s for $ 39 per month. How many users the owner of such an access point will connect to it, and how much will earn on it, depends only on him.