Amazon to shoot dystopian TV show in which social media destroyed the world

Last month, The Feed by Nick Clarke Windo hit the shelves of online retailers including Amazon. It tells about the world of the near future, in which technologies are so advanced that wireless communications have been replaced by the connection of the Internet directly to the human brain. The idea turned out to be so attractive that Amazon decided to shoot a small series based on this book.

The new movie promises to be even tougher and more uncompromising than the sensational "Electric Dreams" based on the works of Philip K. Dick - a real dystotype in a world that was ready to follow the path of cyberpunk. Down with smartphones, accounts and likes - people immediately upload their feelings, emotions and thoughts on a particular occasion to a single social network. Everyone is connected to everyone, the communication channels are seething, but suddenly the basic systems collapse. What awaits the world, which has already forgotten how to live differently?

The head of the project is the executive producer of The Walking Dead, Channing Powell. It was decided to entrust the main work on filming to the British studio Studio Lambert. In the first season, they plan to limit themselves to 10 episodes, and they will not cover all the events of the book. The plot could be extended over two or three seasons, Amazon believes.