Google Balloons to Provide Ruined Puerto Rico with Internet Access

After the devastating hurricanes Irma and Maria flew through the territory of this state, there is no connection on 83% of the territory of Puerto Rico. The situation is so close to catastrophic that the US Federal Communications Commission gave the go-ahead to Alphabet (Google) to implement Project Loon in the region.

The idea of ​​the project is very simple, but ambitious - Google engineers have developed balloons for hanging in the stratosphere above the territory where you need to create Internet access. Each ball carries solar panels, telecommunications equipment, and a navigation system. And everyone who has a gadget with a wireless module on the ground below them can access the Internet for free.

Technologies for sharing the Internet from stratospheric balloons have already been tested in New Zealand and Brazil, and Alphabet has agreements to deploy such systems in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. After catastrophic floods and landslides in Peru earlier this year, Project Loon was successfully implemented in that country. True, I had to cooperate with the local telecom operator Telefonica and reschedule the communication lines for the new realities.

The last point is the stumbling block in the development of the concept of the "Internet from heaven" - Google does not give the benefit just like that, but integrates into local communication systems with far-reaching plans. The authorities naturally fear such interventions, so the license to work in Puerto Rico has a trial status and will be valid only until April 2018. But Google will get the opportunity to do good to the residents of the neighboring Virgin Islands.