Russian naval sailors armed with the underwater internet

From now on, the entire underwater component of the Russian navy - submarines, robots and divers - is united into a single whole with the help of a unique information system, which can rightfully be called the underwater Internet.

Its appearance became possible thanks to the unique developments of the Shtil Research Institute specialists. The basis of the system is 10 hydroacoustic channels "Dialogue", through which information exchange (digital and sound) is carried out, which is a kind of underwater modem.

After converting it into an acoustic signal, digital information in the form of a binary code is sent to the subscriber, where it is decrypted using the same algorithms. Information exchange can take place in two-way communication modes, as well as between several subscribers in a conference call mode.

Unlike traditional radio communications based on the transmission of electromagnetic waves, acoustic waves are involved in underwater communications. Their distribution has its own characteristics and difficulties. Russian specialists managed to solve these problems thanks to unique mathematical methods of signal processing.

Now, taking into account the external hydrological conditions, the underwater objects of the Navy will be able to exchange information, being at a distance of over 30 km from each other and at a depth of six kilometers. In this case, the transmission speed will be about 70 kbps.