Rostec has created a special center to combat cyber threats

Now Russia is ready to resist any kind of aggression, including the highest level of hacker attacks. One of the reliable barriers to cyber threats will be a special center created by Rostec.

Its main task is to monitor computers at defense enterprises that begin to behave suspiciously. If it turns out that the reason for this was hacker attacks, then the attackers will be immediately cut off from the source of valuable information, and their coordinates will be reported to the FSB.

According to the head of the company's information security service, Alexander Evteev, every month they have to deal with one or two cyber-spy viruses and their “colleagues” specializing in stealing money. Other "little things" that create anomalous activity are in the hundreds and thousands.

The center's main clients are leading Russian defense enterprises, including Russian Helicopters and the United Instrument-Making Corporation.