Internet service and GPS clock "Mayak": child safety at a new level

Since ancient times, lighthouses have helped sailors find the right path even in the middle of a stormy sea. "Mayak", which we will talk about today, differs from its older marine counterparts in that it is an integrated service, the brainchild of modern IT technologies and, moreover, a means of ensuring the safety of children.

Alas, education, upbringing and maintenance of the child's health at the proper level is not all that parents are concerned about today. The topic of safety is no less relevant, as evidenced by the sad statistics of thousands of missing children.

Each family solves this problem based on its own capabilities: someone hires bodyguards (which is not available to everyone), and someone himself becomes the bodyguard of his own child, putting an end to his profession. A special mobile application "Mayak" invites us to solve this problem in an extremely affordable modern way.

Simple and affordable

Before evaluating the merits and demerits of Mayak, you should ask yourself a simple question: What do parents need to feel secure about their child's fate? The answer suggests itself: to have constant, maximally complete information about its location, on which, in fact, the application is built.

The scheme is extremely simple: using the service, parents connect their phone and children's watches with GPS function to the Internet. Another option is to put a mobile application on the children's phone instead of a clock. As a result, the service forms a reliable channel of information about all movements of the child in real time and saves his route for the day.

In order to start tracking your child, you need to purchase a GPS watch and install the Mayak application on the parent's phone. The watch ID, SIM card number and baby's name are entered into the app. Next, a child's card with a green clock icon appears on the phone - it means the clock is activated and in use.

On the main screen of the application, everything is clear and at the same time simple. In addition to the route map with the current position, there is a time scale at the bottom - by swiping it left or right, you can find out where the child was at a certain time.

Having opened the child's card, we get access to the main functionality. For example, you can send a short message up to 33 characters to your watch. Interestingly, you can even send audio messages in both directions.

The Lighthouse clock can be turned off only through the parent application. This is done for security reasons. The interval for storing the GPS position is configurable, but it is recommended to set its frequency at least 1-2 minutes.

Of course, it is worth mentioning the SOS button, which the child can use in case of danger. To do this, you need to press it once - the screen is activated, then press for 2-4 seconds, after which the watch will inform the parents about the threat and coordinates. Additional pressing is done in order to save the parents' nerves from false alarms.

In the application settings, parents can additionally specify the places that the child regularly visits in order to receive Push notifications that he has just been there. For example, in the "History" section, the time at which the child left the house and when he came to school will be displayed. Such information can be viewed for any selected period of time.

How much security is now

Having familiarized yourself with the application in detail, naturally I would like to know how much it all costs. We must pay tribute to the developers of "Mayak", who tried to make it as accessible as possible for the mass user, which they can count on, not without reason. 5 free days is absolutely the right move. This time is quite enough to test the application up and down. Subsequent tariffs look quite promising. The monthly installment is limited to 169 rubles. If you pay immediately for 3 or 6 months, then it will cost 479 and 899 rubles, respectively, and only from the parent. Children get the app for free.

A few words about the accompanying product from the creators of the application - a multifunctional watch-tracker with the "Mayak" service. The watch is produced in a factory in China with double quality control. The models are available in the following colors: heavenly, pink glamor, summer green, matte black, purple-black, turquoise. The price is 3450 rubles.

It is worth noting that Mayak has customer support at a separate number 8-800-555-08-31. This favorably distinguishes the service from Chinese applications, users who simply have nowhere to turn for help.

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