Looking for an online project management system: Wrike

Being in the conditions of inexorable time pressure, which makes us forget all the intricacies of time management, we often promise ourselves not to allow it to occur next time. To-do lists are the first way out of a situation that comes to mind - they can help us in everyday life, but they turn out to be powerless in the professional field. Numerous projects, demanding clients, deadlines, unforeseen risks, limited resources on top of team management, all of which require attention and concentration, ruthlessly undermine the effectiveness of listing.

The path of finding a project management system that would be able to quickly fit into the specifics of your business and bring tangible results is long and tortuous for the simple reason that there are a lot of options for tools and ways of organizing the workflow. Before embarking on this journey, take one step further - familiarize yourself with the features and capabilities of Wrike's corporate governance system. This simple action will take you to the place where you will find the solution to all the problems you face. And, perhaps, this stop will be the first and final one on your way.

The simple English word "Wrike" has become the name of a comprehensive online project management and collaboration system. This is a "living" environment where all the processes associated with the implementation of projects take place. Moreover, this environment is self-sufficient, since it can store everything you need (documents, images, graphs, discussions) to complete tasks, manage tasks online and connect other applications to work (mail, Excel, Word, Google and Outlook calendars, etc.). etc.). In other words, this service allows you to carry out all the good old management functions (such as planning, organizing, motivating, controlling and coordinating) in real time and in one place.

Wrike's Project Management Formula invariably translates into greater efficiency, business success, and even more time. The problem of time pressure does not have a chance to appear on the horizon, because Wrike understands the value of a non-renewable resource - time. Let's take a closer look at how this can be achieved.

  • Thanks to social media, the vast majority of people are familiar with what a news feed is and what it is for. This is how the update feed works in Wrike. The difference is that there is no unnecessary or annoying advertising, but only a stream of actions and discussions regarding the project. Thus, the ribbon successfully replaces meetings, performs its functions and at the same time saves working time, up to 80% of which is spent on the meetings themselves.
  • Reporting is a process that requires as much time as attending meetings. Reporting forces the responsible employee to leave their current affairs and focus entirely on providing the correct data on the results of work. In addition, the forms and number of reports are often subject to changes, which also require the team to be notified. Now imagine how you can spend that time, because Wrike will do it automatically with the click of a button.
  • Endless correspondence and transmission of updated versions of documents not only consumes time, but can cause confusion and confusion. Wrike comes to the rescue here too. The service allows you to edit documents online, view edits made by other team members, and at the same time not save this document on your computer's disk.
  • Each project consists of routine, repetitive tasks. Wrike offers an option like composing templates. Thanks to her, all information is systematized, and there is no need to waste time every time to start everything from scratch. In the event of an employee leaving, the newly joined team member will easily and stressfully enter the normal course of teamwork.

These time saving opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg. With Wrike installed, you have an effective project management system that has been successfully tested by some of the world's largest companies.