Website builders uKit and uCoz - services for self-creation of web pages

In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of systems designed for self-creation of sites. Web studio services are still relevant, but an increasing number of users are interested in tools that will help them get their own website without third-party help and extra costs.

The market for site builders is systematically developing and it is quite difficult for an unprepared person to single out really worthwhile products from their variety. Most SaaS platforms are similar in how they implement the development process. There are also points common to all of them:

  • After registration, a person receives a hosting that does not need to be configured;
  • Actually, the site builder itself does not require installation or additional deployment of the database for the site;
  • Temporary or permanent subdomain for the project;
  • Automatic backups with different frequency;
  • A complete set of tools required to develop the types of sites for the creation of which the system is sharpened.

Website builders are box-based, self-contained systems that allow the user to focus exclusively on creating a website, bypassing a number of organizational and technical issues. This is how they earned their popularity. Here you can see the rating of the most popular ones.

Which website builder should you choose?

As in any other niche, there are both higher and lower quality services on the market. What should you pay attention to when choosing? Of course, on the cost, functionality, convenience and types of projects that can be created on the platform.

There are, for example, site builders designed to develop stores, business cards or landing pages separately. There are also universal solutions, but there are fewer of them. And more often than not, such harvesters turn out to be not so powerful. Let's say there is functionality for creating stores and business cards, but only the latter work well. Or vice versa. There are many nuances, in fact. You can read more about such services at

All platforms can be divided into 2 large categories: ours and Western. Often times, they are different. Most foreign ones, with all their quality, design and scale, allow us to create sites that are unlike those we are used to. The design of blocks, widgets, layout templates, etc. - looks and feels nice, but not like our own. And the cost of such services is usually an order of magnitude higher, which is far from always justified when compared with the best products of Russian developers.

For objective and subjective reasons, we want to highlight against the background of the other 2 domestic platforms - uCoz and uKit. Why is that? It's simple: they are affordable, of high quality and do an excellent job with their tasks. Moreover, these systems in a pair are able to cover the demand for the creation of any type of site for the vast majority of potential audience. Strong duet.

UKit website builder

Site builder is designed to create striking business card sites and landing pages for business beginners. If you have never been interested in website development and have no idea where they come from, this builder is for you. It is designed in such a way that any person without knowledge in the field can achieve a decent result in a short time.

This is a commercial product. You must pay $ 48 / year to use it after the week of the fully functional trial expires. In exchange for this money, you will receive the following:

  • Hosting and subdomain for a future project;
  • Wide range of responsive templates for various topics;
  • Convenient visual site editor;
  • A large set of widgets through which you can implement all the functionality necessary for a business site;
  • Easy to use and effective tools for promoting a finished resource;
  • Comfortable working conditions.

Each block of the site, regardless of its content, can be edited. Pages in uKit are formed using the mouse by simply dragging and dropping widgets from the control panel. Build structure, edit appearance, fill. It's simple.

UKit is not intended for building large websites. It is possible to create a store based on the platform, but it is not very convenient, so you should not dwell on it. If you need to put together a beautiful business card in a hurry to support your business, this constructor is perfect for you.

How uKit works:

Website builder uCoz

The most powerful and truly versatile site builder. Allows you to create sites of any type and complexity. Built on a modular system: choose a set of functional components that will be active and work. Examples of modules: blog, store, forum, news, file directory, polls, statistics, gallery, video, etc. Each of them has a comprehensive set of settings for the implementation of a particular function of the site.

uCoz is aimed at a wide audience of users. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned developers. The first will be able to comfortably enter the world of website creation, only partially using its capabilities. The second is to implement the most daring ideas, thanks to the large number of available modules, flexible and detailed settings, as well as the ability to edit the site code. The latter opens up the same scope for customization that CMS users are used to. There are no restrictions.

There are a lot of standard templates, most of them are of average quality, but there are also quite decent adaptive ones. You can choose the most interesting designs in the official template store. They are inexpensive, the quality is excellent.

Another important feature of uCoz is its free use. Yes, almost all site builders formally support Free accounts, but with such restrictions that their use becomes unprofitable. Everything is different here: you can create any site, except for a store, for free and without restrictions in functionality, attach your domain and develop the project. For non-commercial types of sites, paid plans (which, by the way, are very cheap here) can be connected for free.

uCoz is the choice of those who want to work for the future. It is convenient and provides a lot of opportunities for the systematic growth of the level of the developer and his projects.


The greatest interest in Runet among domestic and not only site builders are uCoz and uKit. The first will appeal to those who want to create complex and powerful sites like shops, forums, and advanced blogs. The second will interest busy people and newbies who don't know where to start at all. Both engines do their job perfectly well.

The apparent complexity of uCoz, upon closer inspection, translates into a logical organization of a huge number of possibilities. And the ostentatious simplicity of uKit is the veiled work of developers who were able to save their users from most of the controversial and complex issues that arise in the process of creating sites. Both systems are indicators of quality in their niches, not competing with one another. We recommend trying each of them.