The online Wix editor for creating websites without coding

We share our impressions of the Wix tool for quickly creating websites without coding. I would like to note right away that in this constructor a couple of our friends have already managed to create a site for free, everyone was satisfied. The first one made himself a store there three years ago and still uses it, only updates something as needed. The second of them, however, closed the business after a few months, but this has nothing to do with the platform itself.

Overall impression

The tool is convenient not only for business, but also for experts who today cannot do without an online portfolio. Allows you to quickly and easily create a variety of types of sites - from a business card to a full-fledged store.

Value for money

The cost of maintenance is more than acceptable when compared with the cost of a programmer's services. In addition, technical support is available around the clock, so the likelihood of a long “crash” of the site is minimized. Thousands of sites are already operating on the basis of the constructor, and this is a kind of unspoken guarantee that the company will not cease to exist in the near future.

Such technical support (for premium versions, more tempting conditions) is like having an outsourcer programmer constantly in touch. Even no, the programmer can get sick, and Wix will promptly replace him in such a situation. This is essential when reliability is required.

Version selection

The free version allows the site to function, but the choice of functions and memory is somewhat limited, so the free version can also be called the demo. It allows you to assess the degree of comfort in using the service, but it will not be enough for work and sales.

Paid versions come with free bonuses in the form of, for example, a domain, discounts on advertising in Yandex.Direct, hosting and Google analytics. In the free version, you will not connect a normal domain. In general, everything is organized in such a way that Wix customers switch to the premium version. But on the other hand, the conditions are so “tasty” that one doesn’t raise a hand to use the service for free, and the subscription fee is symbolic.

Ease of website creation

The manufacturer writes that the interface is intuitive. It is impossible not to agree, in general, everything is quite friendly organized, although in some moments the logic cannot be understood the first time. But these moments can be counted on one hand. Almost everything can be done by simply dragging and dropping the required elements into the website creation form.

We managed to make a test site quite quickly, although it took some time. This is partly due to the sheer number of options and options offered. Although, again, if you order a website from scratch, you will still spend more time. And usually there is a risk of not working well with the performer. When creating a website through a builder, this risk tends to zero uncontrollably.

Technical Support

It has already been mentioned that it is operational and round the clock. It is logical that in the free version you will have to wait longer for someone to talk to you than after purchasing the "premium" package.

I liked that tips and help can be obtained right in the constructor. No need to leave the program, go to a separate page. You just do the right thing and ask questions at the same time.


There are many design options, there are also template ones, and you can create from scratch. It is proposed to use free photos and icons from the Wix database, the option is rather dubious. Still, you make your site unique. If you can still use icons and fonts somehow, it is unlikely that photos from the collection presented in the templates will be useful. Imagine a visitor comes to your site and to a competitor - and you have the same pictures. Considering that the constructor offers thematic pictures (that is, there are some options for yoga sites, others for real estate), there is a possibility of such a situation.

Huge number of templates

Let's note an interesting option called "parallax", which is already found on working landing pages. It allows you to make the background of the site not a static image, but as a video. That is, there is text in the foreground, followed by an animated picture. It looks mesmerizing, and if you choose the right picture, the site will attract attention. Moreover, this is not some low-quality video compressed in a converter, but a full-fledged beautiful image close to 3D.

Additional features

Today there are a number of functions, managing a business without which, you really feel your own limitations. Wix is ​​doing well with this. For example, the necessary ability to create a version of the site for mobile devices has been implemented. Even additional settings are not required to make the site look good on the screens of different gadgets, saving on layout. The mobile version can be made lightweight so that only the options you need are displayed.

It can be useful to be able to create "secret" pages, to which you yourself decide who to give access to. And more common functions, such as working with the database, corporate mail - all this is there.

All templates support mobile design

A slight annoyance is that there is no single set of functions for social networks. At the moment, the functionality for VKontakte is slightly less than for Facebook.

On the other hand, Wix is ​​evolving by eye. Six months ago, some of the features that are available now were not there. Plus, having made a website here, then you can modernize it, add functions as needed. This is very important, because if you have developed a reputation, you will not want to change the domain. This means that the site needs to be improved.

All in all, an excellent set of options, ease of use, reliability and the ability to grow, allow the Wix website builder to receive our high marks and recommendations for use.