How Samsung robots tested the strength of the Galaxy Fold smartphone

The operational reliability of a conventional mobile device is far from an abstract concept, because we use it at least several dozen times every day. With the advent of gadgets with foldable screens, the requirements for reliability have expanded significantly.

For example, many owners of a "book" smartphone Galaxy Fold worth $ 2, 000 are probably interested in the question: How many times can its screen be opened / closed without fear of breakage?

The manufacturer, Samsung, made it clear: there is nothing to be afraid of, the gadget is very reliable. As proof, the company's specialists conducted a unique test, and then showed it on YouTube for clarity. During the week, specially designed robots closed and opened the Galaxy Fold displays 200, 000 times continuously, equivalent to 100 actions per day for five years. The devices have passed all tests with flying colors.

Demonstration of the video on YouTube is undoubtedly a successful advertising move, because Samsung has several new "book" smartphones next in line.