OK Google will no longer fully unlock your phone

Google offers a compromise to make OK Google more secure. Rather than allowing users to completely unlock devices, voice matching will limit OK Google in the near future. Now it will only open the voice assistant interface on the lock screen. As a result, interaction will be limited to applications such as Google calendar, email, various reminders and shopping lists.

For phone and tablet users, this will mean a partial loss of functionality and, at the same time, an improvement in personal IT security. Previously, for example, to the query: "OK Google, what is the weather today?" the device unlocked the screen and opened the weather app. Now, the user will have to manually unlock the device to go beyond the Google Assistant interface.

As you know, many devices today are equipped with fingerprint sensors, so unlocking occurs without problems. It also ensures that someone with a similar voice doesn't have access to your phone.

On its new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL smartphones, Google decided not to include the "Unlock with Voice Matching" feature at all, and at CES 2019 the company announced that it would no longer use it on other Android devices. On Moto Z and Pixel XL smartphones, the feature will be disabled after updating to Google version 9.27. Other devices with Google app version 9.31 will retain the full voice unlock option, but it looks like it won't last long.

So if you are one of the Android users who prefer to search for hotels on TripAdvisor using voice or send messages without unlocking your phone - remember that these opportunities will soon disappear. At the same time, you should be aware that this change increases the safety when working with the gadget.