Motorola launches DIY phone repair kits

In March, California became the 18th state to grant users the right to self-repair smartphones, which implies the presence of appropriate instructions from the manufacturer and a set of necessary spare parts.

The problem is that millions of Americans who own expensive smartphones have to pay off loans to buy them for many months or even years. And what to do if the screen or the case is suddenly damaged before this period, because not everyone can afford the luxury of buying another expensive gadget? The answer is obvious: you need to provide the opportunity for users to fix the problem themselves.

Motorola executives on Tuesday announced a new line of repair kits in partnership with IFIXIT, a renowned manufacturer of parts and tools.

If, for example, the user has damaged the smartphone screen, the company will send him a repair kit with all the necessary tools on request. However, with their help only new smartphones Moto Z, Moto X, Moto G4 / 5 and Droid Turbo 2 can be repaired. Taking into account possible repairs, they are sold at a discount of $ 40. You can also send the defective device to the company for repair.

According to experts, Motorola did the right thing by allowing users to repair their smartphones on their own. The gain in money at the same time is obvious especially to those who are versed in technology. After all, they will have to pay only for spare parts.