The loss of a smartphone for the British is a much bigger nuisance than Brexit

According to a recent study by the British Physiological Society, for adults in the UK, the loss of a “native” smartphone is far more unpleasant than the notorious Brexit. In the course of the survey, its participants were asked to assess the degree of stress significance in 18 different life situations on a scale from 0 to 10.

The loss of a smartphone was in 14th place with an average score of 5.79, which is slightly higher than 3 months ago - 4.23, but less compared to the terrorist threat - 5.84.

Survey results show that stress levels increase with age, especially when it comes to illness or the danger of going to prison. The possibility of losing a smartphone is of greater concern to young people. For them, this is an additional problem, like having their first child.

Another rather sad conclusion of the survey is the growing "smartphone addiction". 90% of those surveyed said that they literally panic if the charge level of their gadget falls below 20%.