LeEco Le Max 2 smartphone review

Internet giant LeEco was founded by Chinese businessman Jia Yueting 12 years ago. True, then the company was called LeTV and its main activity was to provide media content, similar to what YouTube and Netflix do. LeEco continues to develop this undoubtedly "gold mine" today, offering tens of thousands of TV series and thousands of films to its millions of users.

Over the years, the company has grown out of "baby pants" and began to invest billions of earned in streaming services in the most promising areas - the production of smartphones and electric vehicles that can compete with such giants as Apple, Samsung and Tesla.

This year, LeEco's "daughter" was born - LeRee, which will promote the product in the Russian, Eastern European and CIS markets. There is no doubt about the seriousness of the intentions of the newly minted Chinese industrial dragon. An example of this is the Le Max 2 smartphone.

1. Packaging and scope of delivery

If the theater begins with a coat rack, then an elite smartphone, of course, with packaging. At Le Max 2, it is an exact repetition of what we saw at Le 2. A strict, elegant box, covered with a black matte film, can be easily compared with a tuxedo, where everything is laid out in perfect order, without which a smartphone is a round orphan: adapter, adapter with USB Type-C, silicone case and sync cable. Even a clip for opening the SIM tray next to a brief instruction is in a worthy place.

2. Design features, display, ergonomics

With its "appearance" Le Max 2 and its predecessors are absolute twins. The design is without any frills, almost impersonal, but the language will not turn to call it bad. Some experts call such models “flagship killer”, thus emphasizing their potentially high competitiveness.

The discreet charm of the Le Max 2 is visible in the wide false frames at the bottom and top of the screen and in the fingerprint - a fingerprint scanner with a mirrored surface. When designing the rear of the case, aluminum was chosen as the material.

In front, almost the entire surface is covered with tempered glass. The plastic in the gadget has episodic "roles" in the form of perfectly glued antenna plugs on the back surface. In general, the case looks and feels like something monolithic, where it is difficult (almost impossible) to imagine such shameful phenomena as backlash, creak or crackle.

A few words about the ergonomics of Le Max 2. Here it is practically no different from other counterparts with a 5-7-inch screen. The location of the Qualcomm Sense ID ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the rear panel causes some inconvenience, although there are no complaints about the speed and accuracy of the scanner itself.

The Le Max 2 uses a USB Type-C connector designed to transmit audio streams to a decoding chip. In turn, in the headphones of the smartphone, the CDLA (Continual Digital Lossless Audio) audio standard developed by LeEco is implemented, which roughly means “continuous digital lossless audio”. The standard has already passed certification and guarantees users high quality sound.

3. Hardware platform and performance

It is worth noting that the entire Le Max 2 line of four modifications has the most modern memory, and two of them have a record - 6 GB. The secret of power lies in the Qualcomm Shapgragon 820 quad-core processor, which is a system-on-a-chip with a large margin of performance and practically does not heat up during operation.

Among the many advantages of the processor is support for a large number of FDD LTE bands. The smartphone perfectly interacts with towers operating on 3, 7, 20 bands, which means that it is 100% compatible with Russian cellular networks.

4. Camera

The all-seeing eye Le Max 2 is a 21 megapixel camera equipped with an optical stabilization system and phase detection autofocus. In good lighting conditions, high quality images are guaranteed with impeccable detail. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the sometimes excessive sharpness, which is known among experts as oversharp.

5. Battery

The developers have equipped the Le Max 2 with a 3100 mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 technology. To fully restore the energy potential, 80 minutes is enough for him. Incomplete charging - up to 75% takes 45 minutes. Tests have shown that with the active use of the smartphone, when the screen is used for 4 - 4, 5 hours, it will confidently hold out from morning to late evening.

Selective smartphone use looks something like this. Music lovers can count on 50, video for 11 and video games for 5 hours of work.

6. Wireless interfaces and communications

The fact that Le Eco has found its unique face can be seen in the details, in particular, in the set of wireless interfaces. Le Max 2 user can feel confident with dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. The ability to control home electronics is provided by an infrared port. Thanks to the wired interface (USB 2.0 standard), you can always use ordinary headphones and listen to analog radio.

7. Ecosystem

The success of the Le Eco company has become possible in many ways thanks to a verified ideology that extends far beyond the production of high-tech devices and modern information technologies.

In this case, we are talking about a single concept, as an ecosystem that combines all the main areas of the company's activities. On the example of Le Max 2, this trend can be traced in the fact that with its help you can not only communicate and have access to Internet resources. The owner of a smartphone with the help of unique IT-technologies Le Eco gets the opportunity to remotely control home appliances.

8. Conclusion

According to the AnTuTu Benchmark rating, which determines the effectiveness of smartphones, Le Max 2 confidently occupies the second line in the world ranking in terms of performance, yielding quite a bit to its "fellow countryman" - Vivo Xplay 5 Elite, while leaving behind very solid competitors in the face of ZUK Z2Pro, Xiaomi Mi 5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. All this, combined with a very reasonable price (in China, Le Max 2 costs $ 385) allows us to hope that it will take its rightful place on the Russian market.