10 Easy Ways To Conserve Your Smartphone Battery

With the emergence of new power-hungry smartphone apps like the now popular Pokemon Go, users are frantically looking for ways to extend battery life from charge to charge.

According to University College London Chemical Engineer Paul Shearing, there are several simple ways to solve this problem.

1. Close applications

Smartphones consume a lot of power to provide multiple running applications, and many operating systems can tell their host how much each one is using. All that remains is to disable applications that you are not currently using.

2. Disable GPS

Location services are also quite voracious. If you don't use it, turn it off.

3. Disable push notifications

In order to save battery life, it is quite possible to do without notifications about new letters in social networks.

4. Update software

Most phones have firmware specifically designed to save power. You need to update it to the latest version. Many phones also have a special power saving mode.

5. Turn off Bluetooth

If there is no need for a wireless connection to other gadgets, also, without compromising the quality of communication, disable this service, providing yourself with a few extra hours of phone operation.

6. Decrease screen brightness

Turn on automatic screen brightness adjustment. And for more savings, you can dim the screen manually when it is light in the room.

7. Better use Wi-Fi

Accessing data over a Wi-Fi connection uses less power than over mobile networks. Wireless internet can usually be enabled through the main settings menu.

8. Make sure the phone does not overheat

Smartphones are pocket computers that, unlike their stationary counterparts, do not have a cooling system and are therefore prone to overheating. The acceptable temperature range of a smartphone is from 0 to 35 ° C. The gadget feels best at room temperature. It is not recommended to charge it in extreme heat. This can cause battery damage.

9. Remove the cover

In some cases, when charging the phone, it makes sense to remove the case to avoid overheating the battery, which suffers from its capacity. However, this is a rather rare case, with most cases everything should be fine.

10. No recharge

For modern lithium-ion batteries, it doesn't matter at what level of charge they are recharged. After charging is complete, the charger automatically turns off, and the smartphone is not in danger if you forget to disconnect it from the mains.