Should you upgrade from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s?

Apple recently presented a new iPhone 6s, which replaced last year's iPhone 6. The differences, as is customary in the "s" versions, are internal, not external, and many users have a reasonable question whether it is worth giving a thousand dollars for a new iPhone. (iPhone 6S price on, outwardly indistinguishable from last year. Let's try to give an answer by carefully studying how the new product differs.

iPhone 6s appearance

If you put two iPhones next to each other - 6 and 6s, you are unlikely to determine where the new one is and where the last year's device is. Although the new product has slightly increased dimensions, this is not immediately noticeable. If you pick up the iPhone 6s, you can feel that it has become heavier, although it still remains light enough. The back side contains fewer inscriptions, which can be attributed to the merits. On the whole, according to my personal feelings, the changes in the casing were good for the device - it is more pleasant to hold the new product in your hands. The arrangement of all elements on the phone remains the same, you won't have to get used to it.

Another nice thing is that the assembly has improved. There were many complaints about the quality of the installation of the display into the case against last year's iPhone 6, a backlash was noticeable. In the new flagship, the build is just perfect.

Display and 3D Touch Technology

The characteristics and quality of the screen in the new product remained absolutely the same as that of the iPhone 6. It is a 4.7-inch IPS matrix with a resolution of 750x1334 pixels. The screen is very high quality, with maximum viewing angles, rich colors and excellent behavior in the sun. But today it is no longer the best display - competitors from Samsung, LG and Sony have better panels. In addition, the screen has wide bezels that look a little dated. We think the manufacturer will deal with this problem in the iPhone 7.

3D-Touch technology is the highlight of the iPhone 6s. Its essence lies in the fact that the display is able to recognize not only finger pressure, but also its strength. This opens up new possibilities for the user in using the interface. It is expected that this technology will be actively used by iOS application developers.

Camera and hardware platform

Finally, Apple has decided to update its camera. It is now a 12MP module that takes great pictures. The difference is especially noticeable when shooting during the day. Unfortunately, the pace of progress is higher for competitors on Android, so the photos taken with the 6s are not the best. But Apple's flagship shoots video at a very high level. The front camera has also been updated, now it shoots at a resolution of 5 MP.

The performance of the iPhone 6s has improved significantly. The A9 processor and 2GB of RAM have a positive effect on the speed and smoothness of the smartphone. If you want the fastest iPhone, then the choice is clear. Is it worth changing the usual six for the sake of speed and 3D-Touch? Only if you really need them. But if you want a new design and original features, then the iPhone 7 is worth the wait.