Samsung smartphones will be able to measure the level of body fat

While the Internet giant Google teaches smartphones to determine the calorie content of dishes from a photo, Samsung is developing a technology through which users can find out the level of fat in their bodies simply by picking up a smartphone.

Samsung has patented a technology that allows you to determine the level of body fat using four sensors built into the smartphone. It is based on the impedance analysis system (tissue resistance) that is used in specialized medical devices for bioimpedance and in consumer electronic scales with the function of determining the percentage of body fat. However, this technology has one serious drawback. The fact is that the accuracy of the indicators can be affected by edema and when re-measuring the loss of fluid, the device can be mistaken for the loss of fat mass.

When the first Samsung smartphones capable of measuring body fat will hit the market, it has not been specified. But it cannot be ruled out that in the future the new technology will be implemented not only in smartphones, but also in wearable devices, for example, smart watches or fitness trackers.