More and more Russians prefer smartphones to mobile phones

The process of "smartphones" is gradually gaining momentum, changing the ratio of mobile phones and smartphones in favor of the latter. The undisputed leader was the Russian capital, where these indicators were equal. Experts have no doubt that the era of mobile phones is rapidly drawing to a close.

According to the results of research carried out by Synovate Comcon, Russia confidently takes a leading position in the field of mobile telephony of the population, the level of which is very close to 100%.

But with the advent of smartphones, the picture is changing rapidly. Over the past 2, 5 years, their share has increased by more than 20% and has already almost reached 40%. The undisputed favorite among Russian smartphone users is the Android system (almost 3/4), about 10% of users prefer iOS.

The main difference between the owners of mobile phones and smartphones is in the requests for the volume of services. 86% of smartphone users regularly send SMS messages, 78% go online, 62% take pictures and 58% listen to music.