Android phones can now be tracked by battery performance

Millions of Android phone owners now have another reason to fear invisible surveillance. A group of American researchers at Stanford University has developed an application that allows you to determine the location of the user by the intensity of the power source. As it turned out, far from cell towers, the mobile phone consumes more energy at the time of connection.

The new application is designed to collect data on the energy consumption of mobile devices. While its developers do not have permission to use it and access to GPS, but very much hope to overcome all these formalities. They also hope that the new invasion of mobile life will go unnoticed by users.

To establish the location of the owner of the phone, a few minutes are enough to measure the signal strength, which will not interfere even with the flow of information coming to the mobile device.

As the facts show, recently the owners of mobile devices are becoming more and more vulnerable from uninvited intrusion into their virtual space.

According to cybersecurity expert Professor Alan Woodworth of the University of Suri, modern smartphones are literally packed with sensors, gyroscopes, microphones and cameras, which allows you to organize invisible surveillance if you wish. Provided that now it is possible to establish control over the power source, the owner of the smartphone, in order to remain unnoticed, will have to remove the battery from it.