TechRax iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Durability Test

In the four months since they went on sale, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have earned a reputation for being technically flawless, but very flimsy in terms of durability.

Recently, the TechRax channel has gained popularity because it periodically arranges incredible strength tests on Apple's new products, after which the filmed videos are immediately laid out on You Tube. According to some visitors of the well-known video hosting, everything seen is somewhat reminiscent of the circles of hell.

To begin with, the gadgets were buried for a day in a snowdrift, which, fortunately, did not make any "impression" on them. But boiling in Coca-Cola was fatal. To the credit of the organizers of such a dubious experiment, they strongly discourage repeating it at home.

No less original was the next test, during which the iPhone 6 was placed inside a turkey and sent to the oven in 160-degree heat for 4 hours. Covered in grease and spices, the gadget showed signs of life. However, the second stage of the experiment - "bathing" in cold water - ended tragically.

But the iPhone 6 resisted the drill, getting off with a small hole in the display, but showing signs of life. After that, they walked over him with a red-hot iron and hit him with a hammer several times. But this was not enough, and the gadget was thrown first under the tracks of the tank, which he also filmed.

The iPhone 6 survived the flaming Molotov cocktail, squeezing in a vice and subsequent hammer blows after that, which made it bent and set on fire. The next participant in the experiment was awarded a BMW wheel collision, after which he retained his working capacity.

The last "circle of hell" is boiling water. Apple's brainchild lasted only 9 seconds of cooking. By the way, its predecessors - 5S and 5C - turned out to be much stronger, lasting from 17 and 30 seconds to several minutes, respectively.