Apple unveils iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display

Yesterday Apple held a presentation of new tablets - the fifth generation iPad and the second generation iPad mini. We will talk about them today.

The new full-size iPad is called the iPad Air. Externally, it looks like an oversized iPad mini with the same narrow bezels around the display edges and a slim anodized aluminum chassis.

Second Generation iPad mini features a 7.9-inch Retina display. Outwardly, it has not undergone any changes, but its "filling" has become much more powerful.

Specifications for iPad mini with Retina display and iPad Air are similar. They are based on the proprietary A7 ARM processor with an M7 coprocessor. A similar chip is used in the flagship iPhone 5S smartphone, which was presented in early September. Also, both tablets are equipped with 5-megapixel main and 1, 2-megapixel front cameras, a proprietary compact Lightning connector, speakers and microphones. The most current version of iOS 7 is used as the software platform.

New items will be presented in two colors - silver and dark gray and with different amounts of flash memory - 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB.

Sales of the new iPad Air and iPad mini Retina tablets will start in November this year. The cost of a mini-tablet, depending on the amount of internal memory and the presence / absence of 3G / 4G support, will be from 399 to 829 dollars, and a full-size tablet is proposed to be purchased for 499-929 dollars.