IBM unveils the world's smallest computer the size of a grain of salt

Quite a few microelectronics manufacturers have already boasted of their mini-computers - which, as it turned out, are real giants in comparison with a tiny computer from IBM the size of a 1 x 1 mm grain of salt. Its presentation took place at the IBM Think 2018 conference.

Despite its size, the computer has power comparable to the processors of the 90s. The developers managed to place in it about a million transistors, SRAM RAM, a photodetector with a communication unit that transmits information using an LED photodiode and a photovoltaic power cell.

The undoubted advantage of a tiny computer is the ability to work with the blockchain, which will allow it to be used when tracking the chain of goods shipment and detecting thefts. According to experts, it will also find its application in smart homes and transportation systems.

IBM specialists continue to test a unique product, but it is too early to talk about its imminent appearance on the market. However, when it goes on sale, anyone can buy it for only 10 cents.