K2 - a full-fledged computer inside the keyboard

The computers we are used to look the same: a large case, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. All of these components take up a lot of space, are not particularly mobile and consume a lot of energy. The Hong Kong company Acute angle has decided to change this stereotype. Its engineers have detached all of the key computer modules from the case and placed them inside a compact keyboard that you can take with you wherever you go.

The resulting K2 minicomputer includes a motherboard PCB, an Intel processor, a video core, up to 8GB of RAM, a hard drive with a capacity of up to 128GB, and many necessary ports. At the same time, the most advanced (and heaviest) model weighs only 450 grams.

In addition to being extremely compact and portable, the computer keyboard offers users incredibly low power consumption. For example, the K2 model consumes only 10 watts of electricity versus 60-80 for an average desktop computer. As a result, all Acute angle models require virtually no cooling and can be assembled without a single cooler.

K2 supports Windows 10 Home OS. The capabilities of even basic minicomputer models will be sufficient for most everyday tasks. Among them: creating presentations, working with e-mail and office suites, games, online shopping, music and video.

Acute angle launched a Kickstarter finance campaign a few days ago and raised the required amount of HK $ 100, 000 almost instantly. Thanks to this, the first K2 will go to their owners in October this year. Their price will be about 14, 000 rubles with worldwide delivery.