Microsoft Surface Studio: the new desktop model

Microsoft has introduced a new version of the desktop computer. To be honest, recently this category of PCs is increasingly referred to as "dying".

The new desktop computer, dubbed Surface Studio, is very similar to its famous competitor, the iMac. It has a lot from Apple computers, for example, the lack of additional blocks - as they say, all in one bottle.

Unlike the iMac, the Surface Studio has a touchscreen display, despite the presence of a keyboard and mouse. The developers have endowed the computer with the thinnest display ever created. According to them, this is a screen for professionals. It comes with a fast processor and other hi-end features that mean the computer is intended for designers, engineers, photographers.

The screen is mounted on two height-adjustable stands. They are made in such a way that they do not fall into the field of view of the computer user. They also allow you to move the display up and down. You can even put it down on the table and use it like a large tablet.

The base model is priced at $ 2, 999, so massive demand is unlikely to be expected.