LG unveils thinnest Full HD panel for smartphones

Recently, the South Korean company LG officially unveiled its new liquid crystal IPS panel for smartphones. It is, according to the manufacturer, the thinnest Full HD display in the world.

The diagonal of the new LCD panel is 5.2 inches, its resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The thickness of the screen is minimal - only 2.2 mm, and the width of its frame is 2.3 mm. The display brightness is 535 nits. This, according to the manufacturer, will make it possible to perfectly distinguish the image even in the sun.

It is reported that the new LG display is manufactured using a special technology One-Glass-Solution, thanks to which it became possible to create a monolithic display with all the necessary built-in components, including a printed circuit board and a touch panel. The display is based on an RGB matrix consisting of red, blue and green subpixels. In addition, OGS technology completely removes the air gap between the panel itself and the touch surface.

Unfortunately, the timing of the appearance of the first displays manufactured using the new technology has not yet been announced.