LG Signature TV Roll Goes On Sale - Space $ 87,000

LG first unveiled its new Signature OLED R roll-up TV at last year's CES-2019. And now, almost two years after the presentation, it went on sale in retail chains in South Korea. It is worth mentioning right away that this miracle of modern electronics is at a price commensurate with premium cars - $ 87, 000 (7 million rubles).

On the back of the TV there are several strips with which it is "wound" on the inner cylinder inside the stand. The process of minimizing / expanding the screen takes 10 seconds.

Signature OLED R has three modes of operation:

  • Full View, in which the device works like a regular TV;
  • Line View - displaying time, mood, music selection, and in their absence - viewing photos;
  • Zero View - The disconnected TV is folded up and placed inside the stand.

In addition, the TV has a 4.2-channel 100 W speaker system and a brushed aluminum body. Future owners are offered a choice of models in four colors - signature black, moon gray, topaz blue and iris brown.

In terms of image quality, there are no revolutionary solutions: everything is the same as in previous "non-roll" OLED models with pixel self-lighting technologies and individual attenuation control.

So far, nothing is known about the supply of Signature OLED R outside South Korea, but it is known that LG provides a three-year warranty with extended service on its new product.