Samsung has released a vertical TV for millennials

According to market research, over 70% of millennial users do not rotate their smartphone screen when filming and watching videos. And it doesn't matter that the picture can be adapted to the horizontal format - young people are still more accustomed to seeing what is happening on a vertical screen. With this in mind, Samsung has released a new vertical orientation TV.

The novelty was named Sero and, strictly speaking, is not a vertical TV - there is a simple mechanism for rotating the screen from portrait to landscape. The difference is quite noticeable because the screen measures 43 inches. You will have to turn the TV over manually, but synchronization with a smartphone via NFC occurs automatically. And when translated into a vertical position, what you are viewing on your smartphone is duplicated on the screen.

According to one of the company's top managers, they wanted to "think outside the box" and give users a "new quality of viewing." But they are in no hurry to take risks with the new product - so far Sero TVs are available only in South Korea. The price is $ 1600 per copy.