Why are modern smart TVs so affordable?

Most of the TVs on the market today are smart, Internet-integrated electronic devices. However, despite the modern functionality, their prices are quite affordable for middle-income users. A typical example of this is TCL and Vizio's high-tech 65-inch 4K smart TVs, which can be purchased for about $ 500.

The question arises: Are the manufacturers of modern TVs ready to sell them at the expense of themselves? Of course no. The CTO of Vizio has revealed a secret - many smart TVs collect information about their users and pass them on to manufacturers for sale to third parties. This is what allows you to cover costs and withstand severe competition.

In addition, TV manufacturers earn money from advertising and broadcasting entertainment content to consumers, such as movies and TV shows. That is, we are talking about TV monetization after the purchase. It is these additional forms of income that make large, modern televisions so affordable.