LG unveils nanocell Super UHD TV

One of the world leaders in consumer electronics, LG is launching a new line of super-TVs with UHD resolution, the screens of which will consist of nanocells. This is a type of quantum dot display with very high color accuracy and viewing angles.

Quantum dots have been used to display the finest details for several years. When these semiconductor crystals are excited, they start to emit different colors depending on their size. They form a layer of color between the LED backlight and the LCD. LG's new nanocells work the same way, except that the particles do not differ in size - they are all nanometer wide.

By shaping a specific color, the nanocell filter layer absorbs excess ambient light so that individual pixels do not emit color into each other. Thanks to this, LG's engineers managed to reduce visual degradation in the form of fading and image instability, and retain color even at viewing angles of about 60 degrees. In addition, bright daylight no longer affects image quality.

This is the third generation of LG UHD TVs. The series will consist of three models SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8000. More information on new products is expected at the traditional CES this week.