Sea turtles have got "swimwear"

It is no secret that sea turtles around the world cannot limit themselves to eating the plastic that people continue to throw into the ocean. Unfortunately, it was possible to find out about this after the study of no longer living turtles washed ashore.

Researchers at the University of Biological Science of Queensland have found a way to study the diet of turtles in their natural habitat while they are still alive. Graduate student Owen Kofi is researching their diet to determine exactly where turtles encounter problem foods. For this, special miniature swimsuits have been developed.

In fact, swimsuits play the role of a kind of diapers, because scientists need to collect analyzes of turtles in the open ocean, which, you see, is not an easy task. Small suits, made of waterproof material, have a special removable compartment for collecting biomaterial.

“The resulting bathing suits are easy to dress up, do not cause discomfort to turtles and allow you to collect the necessary analyzes for research. Plus they look great, ”says Katie Tausend, one of the project's participants.