Skarp razor: laser instead of metal blades

Shaving technology, developed over many centuries, is well known: first a layer of special cream is applied, after which the bristles are carefully removed using a blade. At the end of shaving, the remains of the cream are washed off with water. However, life does not stand still, and modern technologies have come here.

A group of American researchers has developed a unique Skarp Laser Razor razor, where a laser performs the function of a familiar blade. Its creators claim that they have finally managed to finally solve the problem of scratches, cuts and skin irritation - Skarp leaves no marks.

The product is made of 6061 aluminum, and a low power fiber laser is installed in the place where the blade was located, powered by a rechargeable AAA battery. Morgan Gustavsson, one of the developers of Skarp, an expert in the field of medical and cosmetic lasers, explains that as a result of his research, he found chromophores in human hair - unsaturated groups of atoms that determine the color of chemical compounds.

Under the influence of a certain wave of light emanating from the laser, human hairs are completely painless and easy to cut, regardless of their color, as well as the sensitivity and condition of the skin.

The Skarp Laser Razop went up on Kickstarter and managed to raise $ 160, 000 in just four days. The creators of the unusual razor promise wholesale buyers to sell it for $ 159, and retail for $ 200.