Virtualizer will allow gamers to use body movements in PC games

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have developed a virtual reality gaming system that implements an interesting movement model. A player on a special site will be able to take steps on the spot in different directions. And the virtual character, repeating his actions, will move around the game world.

Called the Virtualizer, the device is a disc-shaped, low-friction plate and belt attached to three uprights. The player stands on the court, puts on a belt and, imitating walking or running, begins to slide his feet along the plate. Special sensors built into the plate determine the speed of movement of the legs and give a command to the game character.

To change the direction of movement, the player just needs to start walking in the other direction. Sensors on the belt determine the direction of travel. Also, the belt will allow you to track the player's jumps or squats.

It is hoped that the Virtualizer will provide players with an unparalleled immersion experience in the virtual universe. In addition, the device will give users some physical activity, which will certainly be useful for people who spend a lot of time at the computer.

Sales of the gaming system should begin next year, although prices have not yet been determined.