KFC opens a restaurant in the mega-popular video game Animal Crossing

Last Wednesday, June 17, KFC Philippines opened a new restaurant - but it's not quite what you might expect. Now the world famous chain has its own restaurant in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

The "gaming branch" has everything that can be found in a regular KFC establishment. Furniture in traditional red decor, posters of ready-made food - and buckets of chicken, only small ones. And, of course, there are portraits of Colonel Sanders everywhere! Even the Colonel himself appears in his classic white suit and hat, painted in the typical Animal Crossing chibi style - with a large head and small body.

Presumably, Sanders is not there for show. This whole KFC action would not be justified if it did not have a promotional hook in it. The essence of the attraction: if a player visits an institution in the game, on the KFC island, he will receive a promotional code for a bucket of real chicken from 8 pieces. Unfortunately, the offer is only valid at KFC locations in the Philippines.

KFC, however, is not the first to think of this. Last month, Hong Kong-based food supplier Yummy House was actively looking for a skilled gamer at Animal Crossing to build its own branded island. This isn't the first time KFC itself appears in a video game: last year, developer Psyop created a dating sim called "I Love You Colonel Sanders!" It's available on Steam for free. The Fried Chicken Network has sponsored other technologies, including a KFC-branded smartphone, facial recognition kiosks for ordering and paying, and a box of chicken wings that turns into a working drone with four propellers.