China builds the world's most powerful supercomputer

China has developed the latest supercomputer, which has won the title of the fastest in the world - Sunway TaihuLight. Its performance is 93 thousand trillion operations per second. The computer is entirely self-developed in the country, all of its 10.5 million cores and 40960 nodes are made in China.

The new supercomputer has become the leader in the updated ranking of the top 500 most powerful computers in the world. Last year's champion - also Chinese Tianhe-2 (33, 86 petaflops per second) moved to second place. The third place went to the American Titan (17, 59 petaflops).

Unlike the previous leader of the Tianhe-2 computing race, which was also Chinese, but based on American Intel chips, the current TaihuLight consists entirely of parts designed and manufactured in China. Oddly enough, Asians managed to switch to domestic developments, thanks to the US ban on the export of Intel chips, which were supposed to update Tianhe-2.

What will TaihuLight be used for? According to Professor Jack Dongarr, the compiler of the top 500 supercomputers rating, the new computer will be engaged in research in the field of natural sciences, analytics of large amounts of information, modeling of earth processes and weather forecasting.