Several kilometers of ancient rock carvings discovered in the Amazon jungle

According to many paleontologists, by the time the Ice Age ended about 11, 000–12, 000 years ago, ancient people actively hunted mammoths and elephants - this is confirmed by thousands of unique rock paintings found in the Amazon jungle.

These are three rocky shelters in the Serrania-La Lindosa region of Colombia. Apparently, the drawings were created 11, 800-12, 600 years ago. On the territory of the largest refuge, Cerro Azul, drawings occupy more than four kilometers of its walls.

A wide variety of Ice Age animals can be seen in the drawings, including giant sloths, llamas and horses. Some images, according to scientists, depict scenes of mammoth hunting, and with an unusual level of detail for that distant time.

In addition to numerous drawings of megafauna on the rocks, there are drawings depicting fragments of everyday life - hunting and interaction with the surrounding nature. At the same time, scientists discovered in these places a large number of remains of ancient piranhas, armadillos, turtles and capybaras, which people used for food and which can still be found in the Amazonian jungle.