The Odeuropa project will preserve the historical flavors of Europe for posterity

A new EU project, Odeuropa, intends to use artificial intelligence to explore and recreate the scents that formed the basis of European cultural heritage.

The Odeuropa team will develop the necessary machine learning and computer vision technologies that will allow the analysis of medieval documents and images to identify the odors that dominated the corresponding era. These scents will then be carefully recreated using a special technology. The project team includes historians, scientists and perfumers. Their goal is to study how different scents are reflected in different languages, locations and events, and to determine what emotions they are associated with.

“Our goal is to develop a computer nose that is capable of tracking down the signs of odors in digitized texts created in seven languages ​​over four centuries, ” says researcher Sara Tonelli of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler Institute.

The recreated fragrances will be presented to museum visitors in a series of public events over the next three years. At the same time, everyone will have access to the created online archive of all the smells found and their meanings. If you want to preserve some special flavor for distant descendants, you can contact the Odeuropa team on Twitter.

Various expressions that occur along with the word "smell" in the letters of the British scientist Robert Boyle