The top ten animals that need to be exterminated as soon as possible have been identified

Ring tailed coati

While ecologists and animal rights activists mourn the species of flora and fauna that were exterminated by humans in the past, such as the steller cow and the marsupial wolf, biologists form new slaughter lists. This is done by order of the authorities of Europe, where there is an extremely dangerous situation with some invasive species. Alien creatures invade local ecosystems and put them on the brink of destruction, so humans have to intervene using the most radical methods.

It is impossible to simply issue permits to hunters and fishermen for mass shooting and catching, a systematic approach is needed, otherwise even greater misfortunes can be caused. The task of studying whom, in what way, according to what schedule and with the involvement of what forces and means to destroy, turned out to be extremely difficult. Moreover, we are talking about the entire continent and many different climatic, economic and agricultural zones.

Scientists came to the rescue, a solid team from the University of Newcastle, the University of Cordoba and the Belgian Agency for Nature and Forests. Based on the results of their research, a list of 10 species was compiled that must be exterminated in Europe in the first place. For example, water hyacinths are “killers” of the Guadiana River ecosystem. Rusty and freshwater crayfish that are tired of fighting in the USA and Canada. The aggressive bird myna from skovortsovyh terrorizes all the Pyrenees and has already reached Portugal.

The golden apple snail has tortured farmers in the Ebro basin, the predatory ring-tailed coati devours small animals, the Berber toad and the red bulbul are actively conquering territories. The northern snakehead Chinese fish has not yet arrived in Europe, but it is categorically not allowed here. As well as the Madagascar vine Cryptostegia grandiflora, which in Australia was called the # 1 weed. The list is initial, it will be replenished.