Internet users reveal the location and age of the mysterious monolith from Utah

The Utah Department of Public Safety has de facto admitted defeat - they failed to shield from unnecessary attention an incomprehensible metal object recently found in these parts. Inquisitive users of the Reddit portal have already figured out the location of the strange object, and even its age. Calls to leave the artifact alone and not arrange a massive pilgrimage to it also failed.

For those who can't wait to take a look, here are the exact coordinates of this object. When exploring the surroundings, the presence of a considerable number of tourist paths and dirt roads immediately catches the eye, from the nearest of them the path to the prism through the gorge is only 800 m.On Reddit it has already been calculated that it will be necessary to drive an hour and a half from the highway, and then walk a little more - this is not at all utter wilderness, as was presented initially.

If you believe the archive of satellite images of the Google Earth project, the mysterious object appeared in the gorge between August 2015 and October 2016, and therefore it is extremely doubtful that it was noticed only recently. But it is very likely that he appeared even earlier. In an interview with The New York Times, Lieutenant Nick Street from the Department of Public Security mentioned that in fact the authorities had known about the strange prism since the 40-50s. last century. The information was not advertised, because no one could explain how, under the inspectors' noses, someone had brought equipment for cutting hard rocks into the canyon and installed a heavy metal pole with pinpoint accuracy.

Utah authorities insist that curious people refrain from visiting the "monolith". In the country, the coronavirus epidemic and the movement of people are extremely undesirable, plus winter is on the nose - in the mountains this is a very dangerous time of the year.