Extremely strange metal prism found in Utah desert

The Utah Department of Public Safety is looking for someone who installed a strange metal structure in the desert in the form of a triangular pillar or vertical prism. Even if this is not the handiwork of a human being, as some suppose, but of abstract "aliens", they will still have to pay a fine for illegal placement of objects on state land. The location of this mysterious item is kept secret.

The prism was discovered by environmental helicopter pilots as they flew over remote rocky areas and counted the bighorn sheep population. They found in a small ravine an object about 4 m high and half a meter across, set vertically. The object, apparently made of polished metal, was fixed in the rock, and did not lie on it, as if it had been thrown into a ravine. That is, it was put here on purpose.

Judging by the absence of dust and dirt on the shiny surface, the prism was installed recently. At the same time, there is no exact information about the composition of the material from which it is made, about the presence of fasteners, construction debris, traces of equipment - no evidence indicating who could have done this. In addition, the item is suspiciously similar to the artifact from the movie "A Space Odyssey 2001" by Stanley Kubrick, which gave rise to versions of the unearthly origin of the object.

However, pragmatic officials are looking for a person anyway. They are inclined to believe that this is an art installation. But, again, without permission, and therefore first a fine, and then remove. It was decided not to announce exactly where the object of concern is, so that crowds of curious people would not rush there - the area is deaf and dangerous, if something happens, it will be problematic to evacuate people.