Watching a short video improves IQ scores by 18 points

Just watching a short video with tips on how to answer certain types of IQ test questions improves the score by an impressive 18, according to a recent study. It should be understood - the video itself does not make people smarter, but it makes them more prepared for the test. And that's a big problem for IQ tests, which are believed to be able to assess a person's intelligence in an unbiased manner.

The study was conducted by scientists from the Universities of Saar and Luxembourg. They conducted a standard IQ test on 341 students, half of whom watched a video describing some of its sections. As a result, this group scored on average 18 points more than the control group during testing. Data summarizing this issue has been reported in the journal Intelligence.

Stuart Ritchie, a researcher at King's College London, comments on the findings: “This is roughly the same as having all the words on a vocabulary test online before IQ testing. Everyone could look up their meanings in the dictionary in advance and pass the test much better. This makes the test results meaningless. "

The situation can be evened out by providing participants with instructions and explanations about the standard sections before the test, Richie said. This will allow everyone to start testing under the same conditions. But this is just one of the problems of IQ tests, which, for example, have a proven strong correlation with the race and material wealth of the subject, which is absolutely not an indicator of intelligence.