Scientists have published interactive maps of the ancient eighth continent - Sunken Zealand

New Zealand research institute GNS Science has launched a website that collects all the data known to date about what is called the eighth continent of the Earth. Other names are Zealand, given at the end of the last century by the world scientific community, and Ti Riu-a-Maui, originating from the folklore of the Maori people. Currently, 94% of this ancient continent is flooded by the Pacific Ocean, and the only points protruding above the water are New Zealand and New Caledonia.

Zeeland is believed to have formed as a separate continent about 80 million years ago, breaking away from the super-earth of Gondwana. But unlike other fragments, this one very quickly swallowed up the vast Pacific Ocean, and about 20 million years ago Zeeland actually disappeared. What survived cannot be compared with the previous scale - the area of ​​the mainland was 4, 9 million square kilometers, this is only a third less than modern Australia.

The site is interesting in that it contains the latest maps of Zealand, including tectonic and bathymetric. You can study the structure of the continent by layers, mark critical points, the structure of the coastline, etc. This is an interesting tool for studying the geological past of the Earth and specifically - the eighth continent of our planet.