Archaeologists excavate an eerie Aztec "tower of skulls" in the center of modern Mexico City

Five years ago, Mexican archaeologists made an eerie, but curious discovery - they discovered Way-Tsompantli, aka the "tower of skulls". This is a unique structure, which the Aztecs erected literally on the eve of their conquest by the conquistadors, but it did not have time to be useful to them. The peculiarity of the tower is that instead of stones, human skulls were used in the masonry, and recently another 119 remains of sacred victims were found in this place.

The modern metropolis of Mexico City is spread around the ruins of the former Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, and Templo Major is its historical area, where the ancient temple buildings are located. The Way-Tsompantli Tower was also discovered here, which is already recognized as the greatest find of the decade. First, archaeologists excavated the northeastern side and were amazed to find 484 skulls within the walls of the structure. Now it has come to the eastern side, and the number of skulls has already exceeded 600.

The tower has a diameter of 4.7 m, it was built at the very end of the 15th century, just a couple of decades before Tenochtitlan was destroyed by the conquistadors of Cortez. Initially, scientists considered these events to be directly related - when building such religious structures, the Aztecs used the skulls of enemies, the tower served as a concentrator of power, inspiring warriors to victory. But the Spaniards came too early and the accumulated power of Way-Tsompantli was not enough to help defend Tenochtitlan.

New finds change everything, among the male skulls there are many female and children's skulls. These are the remains of sacred sacrifices, not warriors, they were brought to please the gods - according to the ancient belief of the Aztecs, sacrifices must be performed constantly so that the Universe does not cease to exist. In a sense, the construction of skulls should be called the "Tower of Life" because it was dedicated to the prolongation of the existence of people, and not to their destruction. But this is also only a theory so far.