The remains of a 13-year-old Scythian warrior forced to revise the myth of the Amazons

The ancient Greeks knew only various rumors and speculations about female warriors "Amazons". And so many myths have been invented, from cutting off breasts for better archery to killing all male babies born. It was believed that the Amazons live somewhere beyond Asia Minor, among the endless steppes. But last year's find changes everything - in reality, Scythian girls were most likely taken for the Amazons.

The village of Devitsa in the Voronezh region in folk legends is considered to be something like an informal capital of female warriors, who, according to the ancient Slavs, were patronized by the god Perun. Since the 80s. of the last century, more than a dozen full-size burial mounds were found in the vicinity of the village, the contents of which indicated that they were the graves of famous warriors. In the absence of the ability to conduct DNA analysis, the remains were considered male, since weapons and armor were not associated with female things in any way.

Burial of a teenage girl found in Tuva in 1988.

Last year, another burial place of two mounted warriors with equipment that was excellent at that time was found in the village. But now, with the help of DNA research, it was possible to establish that both skeletons belonged to women of 50 and 35 years old. Moreover, their genome turned out to be similar to the remains of a teenage girl no older than 14 years old, whose burial was found in Tyva in 1988. This forced the results of previous expeditions to be revised, and as a result, the Russian Academy of Sciences came to the conclusion that all the graves in Devitsa are female. And young women who died in battle are buried there.

Analysis of weapons indicates that these warriors belong to the Scythians, they lived about 2500 years ago. In those days, this people did not have the conditions for the formation of large settlements, so they lived in small communities, where all adults were required to be able to handle weapons. Girls were trained in martial arts on a par with boys and, according to some sources, up to a third of all Scythian girls became professional fighters. It is possible that this is what became the basis of the ancient legends about the Amazons.

Warrior Girl Battleaxe