"Tardigrade in disco style" took the international prize for the best photo of the microworld

An image of a tardigrade with a psychedelic light show in her belly took the top prize in an international photography competition. Inside the chubby handsome, microscopic internal and external organs are illuminated with bright fluorescent colors that glow like a dance floor in a disco. These creatures are mostly transparent, but these colorful spots helped to highlight the organs of the "water bear" in great detail.

The photo was taken by Tagide de Carvalho, manager of the Keith Porter Imaging Facility (KPIF) at the University of Maryland (USA). The work won the Olympus Image of the Year Award 2019 in the Americas. This award is presented annually to the "World's Best Natural Science Imaging".

While the disco tardigrade won the top prize, another colorful image stood out in the Global Image of the Year: a fluorescent photograph of a section of a mouse brain taken by Dr. Ainara Pintor, PhD in Biomedicine and Molecular Biology at the Basque Center for Biophysics in Spain. The mouse brain contains over 70 million neurons. According to the description in the photo, neurons are displayed in green, cell nuclei in blue, and fat-related proteins in red.

Also among the laureates one can observe such amazing shots as: a wasp ovary with eggs inside; microcrystals in the beetle wing structure; flower buds colored with glowing paint. All winners can be viewed on the Olympus Image of the Year 2019 competition website.