Join the largest COVID-19 drug discovery project!

The pandemic can only be stopped by the joint work of all mankind, and even gamers, miners and other owners of high-performance PCs have stepped in. In less than two weeks, the number of participants in the distribution computing project Folding @ home has grown to a record 400, 000 people. And its total computing power has reached an unprecedented level of 470 petaflops.

It all started with Nvidia's call on March 14 of this year to the owners of this brand's video cards to help in the fight against the coronavirus. In a matter of days, the initiative was supported by the PCMR community, the leading American miner of the Ethereum cryptocurrency CoreWeave, Tom's Hardware, AnandTech, HotHardware, OC3D and a number of other IT giants. The original Folding @ home team of 30 thousand members has grown tenfold before our eyes.

If just two weeks ago the Folding @ home project had about 100 petaflops of computing power, today there are more than 470. This is, for a minute, three times the capabilities of the most powerful Summit supercomputer in operation at the Oak Ridge Laboratory of the US Department of Energy. In fact, this community is now the second most powerful network on the planet, after the Bitcoin system. And all this power will be used to save humanity from COVID-19.

The main task of the project will be to simulate the behavior of the virus in contact with various proteins. The goal is to study its weaknesses and show scientists the priority ways to create a vaccine. Everyone can help in this matter, which is most important for our entire civilization. The required programs can be found here.