Bed bugs turned out to be the same age as dinosaurs

As you know, our neighborhood with bed bugs has been going on for a long time and creates many problems for us. And the bugs themselves are real long-livers of the Earth. As a result of research published in Current Biology, it was found that these insects are almost 100 million years old. They are twice the age of bats, which were previously considered the first vectors of parasites.

In fact, bed bugs have already lived in the era of the dinosaurs, although it is unlikely that they fed on their blood. This is due to the fact that bedbugs preferred animals living in nests and burrows. It also turned out that the paths of bedbugs and ancient people did not intersect for a long time.

According to head of research at the University of Sheffield Mike Shiva-Jotti, "The evolutionary history of bed bugs is much more complex than we thought."

The study also noted that modern bats and birds are descended from "unknown ancestors" that have been parasitized by bedbugs for millennia. In addition, some of their varieties "specialize" in specific "hosts". For example, the bug Cimex adjunctus lives off the blood of mammals, but for reproduction it needs the blood of bats.