What the Earth will look like if all the ice on the planet melts

In their latest work, the animation team at Business Insider was guided by the principle of not "if" but "when". Because although doubts that all the ice on the planet can melt still persist, the very fact of global melting of ice masses is already indisputable. And this means that it's time to warn people about what threatens us in the near future.

Back in 2015, NASA made a forecast that a 90 cm rise in sea level is an actual inevitability. And this will happen in the coming decades, so we need to act quickly. Of course, this cannot be compared with a rise in sea level by 65, 8 m, if all the ice on the planet melted, but this still does not give reasons to calm down.

The fate of cities such as Venice or St. Petersburg has been predictable almost from the moment they were founded. But the loss of Calcutta and Shanghai will hurt all spheres of life - this is the potential death of millions of people, the destruction of many commercial and industrial facilities, the degradation of the world transport system. Florida, Mumbai, Dakar, Sydney, New Orleans and many other million-plus cities will also go under water.

At first glance at the map, the changes do not seem so catastrophic - unlike science fiction films, most of the land will survive an increase in water level even by tens of meters. But almost all ports will sink and it will be necessary to create a system of maritime transport and fishing from scratch. Fertile lowlands will be under water, and in regions such as the high-altitude Atacama Desert, nothing edible grows. Humanity will have to restructure globally in order to simply survive in the new conditions.