What will happen if all nuclear charges on the planet are detonated at the same time

The authors of the Youtube channel Kurzgesagt set out to simulate and show the consequences of the use of atomic weapons in the scenario of a total nuclear apocalypse. In reality, if the Third World War starts and missiles with nuclear warheads fly, most of the charges will not reach the target, and the death of civilization will come from secondary factors. Even if we imagine the scenario that nuclear weapons hit all major cities on the planet, less than half of the world's population - about 3 billion people - will die at once.

All this is scary, but after the mass of films and computer games on similar topics, it no longer makes a special impression. The situation is different if all the nuclear weapons on the planet are taken to a giant warehouse, for example, in South America. The total number of atomic charges in different countries is estimated at 15, 000 units, the average capacity of each is 200 kilotons, which means that the warehouse will have the equivalent of 3, 000, 000, 000 tons of explosives.

The explosion of such an arsenal is approximately equal in power to 15 epochal eruptions of the Krakatoa volcano in 1883. That catastrophe completely wiped out 165 cities and settlements from the face of the Earth and seriously destroyed 132 more. When the "nuclear arsenal" explodes, a fireball is formed - a zone of complete destruction almost 50 km in diameter. The shock wave and light radiation will destroy everything in an area of ​​5, 000 square meters. km, and fires will spread throughout the continent. A cloud of a nuclear mushroom will rise tens of kilometers and, most likely, will go beyond the stratosphere. Sunlight will be darkened by endless clouds of ash and dust.

But even this scenario is not the most impressive, according to the channel's authors. They calculated what would happen if humanity spends every gram of uranium that can be mined on our planet for military purposes - which is about 35 million tons. Such an explosion in its consequences will already be very similar to the impact of an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, and most likely will completely destroy human civilization. And its shock wave will touch even the ISS in its orbit of 400 km.