China is going to "light" the artificial sun this year

In November, Chinese scientists reported that they were able to produce an electron plasma with a temperature of 100 million ° C using an advanced thermonuclear fusion plant EAST, also known as the "artificial sun", which they had created.

As the representative of the China National Nuclear Corporation Duan Xuzhu said during the annual session of the People's Consultative Conference, the engineers will fully complete the creation of the HL-2M tokamak within the EAST project by the end of this year.

According to the official, Chinese scientists have already learned how to obtain artificial solar plasma, consisting mainly of electrons and ions, using existing tokamaks. At the same time, the temperature of the electrons is already steadily reaching 100 million ° C, and the temperature of the ions that generate energy in the device reaches 50 million ° C.

If Duan Xuzhu is right, then the HL-2M tokamak will be able to heat the ions up to the key 100 million ° C. When scientists succeed in achieving such a result, the new installation can become a prototype for future thermonuclear reactors, bringing the humanity's dream of an unlimited source of clean energy closer.