Spanish sculptor managed to recreate the appearance of the Roman emperor Nero

A group of Spanish artists and sculptors, within the framework of the Césares de Roma project, modeled the appearance of the Emperor Nero, the last in the Julian-Claudian dynasty. The resulting picture fits perfectly with the sad and shameful glory of this statesman, but raises a number of questions in terms of reliability. The artists admit that they had to sacrifice some details for the "correct perception" of the image.

The main controversial feature of Nero's appearance is his red hair, plus freckles, thanks to which he looks like an Irish peasant, but not a noble Roman. It is known that the emperor's contemporaries described him as a man with gray-blue eyes and "lion's" hair, which corresponds to the straw color. On the other hand, the future emperor came from the Ahenobarbus family, which translates as "Redbeards", and this facial hair color was considered a family trait.

A double chin is a hint of a tendency to gluttony and indolence. The unkempt beard and hairstyle hint at the narcissism characteristic of Nero, the large nose of the "alcoholic" - at the craving for alcohol and feasting in general. In the eyes of the emperor, there is more lust than intelligence, which fully corresponds to the legends about his addictions. In addition, you can notice in the features of Nero's appearance signs of incest and degeneration, also attributed to the Romans during the decline of the empire.

History has not preserved the original images of Nero, the first busts and paintings appeared already in the Renaissance and were created "according to rumors." The most famous literary sources in many ways distort information, leaving a vast field for speculation. Therefore, Spanish artists are not afraid of criticism - they showed the world such a Nero as we used to think of him, nothing more.